Les Fleurs du Mal #12

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Les Fleurs du Mal #12
by RVig,
inspired by Charles Baudelaire’s 1857 book of poetry Les Fleurs du Mal

The present collection of generative art pieces is an avant-garde exploration, embodying Baudelaire's 126 poems as ribbons which evolve and flow according to the structure of the poetry. A visual realm is created where the ribbons intertwine and mingle, mirroring the structure of the text. The result is a dance between the individual poems in the book, with each ribbon moving independently, driven purely by the shape and construct of the words.

Ten-second UHD video loop, MP4.

This piece is part of a collection of six NFTs, six prints, and a three-minute video.

For further details: https://rvig.art/Les Fleurs du Mal