Mar de Fondo

Minted on Dec 7, 2021
Created by


I called this artwork MAR DE FONDO because in its lines I imagined that force, that powerful and indomitable spirit of the sea. It is the waves that shake the surface and the sea that penetrates unstoppably on the coast, which in my country we call the MAR DE FONDO.

During the process of making it, I drew with the light of a flashlight captured with my camera, circular and frantic strokes. I think it was a performance that, perhaps, could be more similar to that of a swordsman who practices thrusting. When I started to interpret the strokes on my computer, at first I was somewhat overwhelmed by the chaotic result, but I think that in an intuitive way, I began to paint the spaces with blue tones and there I started to imagine the shape of this MAR DE FONDO.

What can you see? Feel free to imagine.