All-seeing eye I | Symbiosis series

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The 'All-Seeing Eye' (or Eye of Providence) was born as a figure representing divine providence, according to which the eye of God watches over humanity.

The eye, according to Freemasonry, is used as a reminder that the thoughts and actions of humanity are always observed by God. It is also commonly used as a symbol of the Illuminati in modern times.

For us,this symbol embodies, in this series of images, the figure of the control exercised today by the state over its citizens, who no longer have freedom. This control is exercised with the excuse of care, with the excuse that they are thus protecting ordinary citizens, when they are depriving them of their individual freedoms.

This work is part of the 'Symbiosi's collection, by artists Shirley Reinis and Oliver Reinis (Reiniscouple), and was launched in 2023.