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During my first trip to Bosomtwe, I remember becoming fixated on this stump. How she stood there - bare, decayed - barely above water. Yet in her death, she brought through new life. Providing the new with asylum - and hopefully the space to blossom.

On my search for freedom,

I found myself learning how to unlearn the structures and systems that were not for me, that made me forget where I came from, that buried my power.

I found myself learning how to observe again, becoming a student of the world and the pull-and-tugs of life.

I found myself learning how to release - creating space to love and to be loved.

I found myself in all of this
On my search for freedom.

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Nyame Dua | God's tree (sacred stump). A symbol of God's presence and protection - The Adinkra Symbols Project

Lake Bosomtwe
Ashanti Region


Created by Alexxa Walker