Postcard from the North

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The conditions in the North are not always as forgiving as those in the South. With temperatures rising to over 40°C during peak periods of heat, months without rainfall, and dust clouds that engulf the sky, the North is not for the faint of heart.

But within these arid lands are scenes like this, intersected by dirt roads covered in red clay, lined by baobab trees impermeable to drought, and the occasional tricycle bringing passengers on their way.

I remember looking out into the distance as the night overtook the sky. A moment later, the first drops of rain hit the earth. I stood there, absorbing the elements. Sometimes you need to be away from rain to appreciate what she feels like.

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Hye Wo Nhye | A symbol of toughness and imperishability; permanence - The Adinkra Symbols Project

Tongo Hills
Upper East Region


Created by Alexxa Walker