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Mole National Park is Ghana’s largest nature reserve - with over 4500 km2 of protected savannah located in the Northern Region. It is home to a range of flora and wildlife, but mostly recognized for the elephants that roam the area.

I remember being fascinated by this tree more so than the elephants, seeing how green and vibrant her leaves were despite it being so dry in the North this time of year; we had not seen rain in three months.

In looking at this tree, perhaps I saw that she held a part of my story - standing seemingly out of place yet rooted firmly, with branches full and broad, and red dust powdered on her leaves, asking the wind to come out to play.

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Wawa Aba | Seed of the wawa tree. A symbol of hardiness, toughness, and perseverance - The Adinkra Symbols Project

Mole National Park
Northern Region


Created by Alexxa Walker