Love & Fear 🥀☠️

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Rastah presents an exclusive fashion NFT outfit “Love & Fear” from its latest collection VOLUME VI. Along with the digital verifiable ownership, the winner of the auction will also receive the actual 1/1 physical outfit shown in the NFT.

The project is inspired by a never ending desire to push the envelope in terms of juxtaposing the physical and digital world within fashion. It serves as an homage to the relentless spirit of the craftsmen of Pakistan. In a country where craftsmen are cut off from the rest of the world due to a lack of digital infrastructure, this NFT serves as a new age rebellion of sorts. It must be noted here that a portion of these proceeds will be donated to the artisans that work with Rastah and its design team.

The physical piece consists of a hand cut and hand stitched 2 piece gown that is constructed in wool. The digital outfit will be a wearable metaverse ready model that can be used in several applications.