SUMO, study IV, bw#48

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In the SUMO series, lens-based artist Peter Nitsch delves into the intersection of photography, design, art and artificial surrealist interpretation and develops the work from a lens-based artist’s point of view. In these depictions we can see how Nitsch deliberately works with mostly rounded and organic forms that may be a reference to Cubism. Nitsch has replaced the hard line geometry for softer edged compositions.

Despite being grounded in the reality of Sumo wrestling, the depictions possess a nostalgic quality. Each work is an homage to the ancient origins and storied art of Sumo and the wrestlers.

Far from being trivial objects, the round, soft bodies of the wrestlers are pure inspiration celebrating a form that deviates from rigid and idealized body shapes. One cannot help but be struck by the stark contrast between the hardness of the Sumo sport and the softness and roundness of the wrestlers’ bodies. These contrasts are expressed throughout Nitsch’s compositions, which are infused with a sense of wonder and energy.

Through his eye and interpretation, he illuminates the intrinsic value and importance of all things in nature, including rocks, mountains, and natural phenomena, which are believed to possess a soul in Shintoism, Japan’s indigenous religion. His art invites us to immerse ourselves in a world of imagination and possibility.

→ Unique artworks, limited supply of only 160 interpretations, plus 24 PFP editions, excluding cooperations.

More info: https://peternitsch.com/nfts/sumo