Maidens by the Pool

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I experience nightmares almost every night. Most are lucid—often blending reality with twisted magic. I’ve found the experience harrowing, vivid, even dispiriting. Sweet dreams—ones that leave me feeling sweet upon wake—come few and far between. It’s said that to quell a nightmare, you’re to reimagine a positive outcome the following morning. After many attempts, ‘Maidens by the Pool’ was a dream that finally came to me. The original nightmare: a weyr of golden dragons incinerate innocent villagers in their wake and decide I am next. In the morning, with my eyes still closed, I envision a peaceful village, where the dragons have long disappeared. Experiencing the dream detailed this vision, with maidens congregating around a water-filled engawa.

3600 × 4800
✺ Various images composited together

Pearlyn Lii, Artist
Alexandra Darby, Art Director
Kyle Chang, Artist's Assistant
Jon-Luke Fillippi, Producer
Dylin Bumpus, Crew
Special thanks to Luis Fillippi and Kayla Fillippi