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The Seven Planets collection is an encounter between two worlds that evolve together. Céline Shen - stylist, choreographer - intertwines fabrics, bodies and thus gives scope to the movement of life.
It is this vital energy that feeds ØLali.
The artificial artist, like an echo, extends the reach of these garments fashioned in lights, give a new dimension, and anchor it in the world of digital art. Like two realities that respond to each other.

This collaboration is the result of innovative research between the founders of ØLali and Céline which started in the spring of 2022.
Artificial intelligence and motion capture technologies have enabled the digitalization of the choreography performed by Noëmie Pégorier-Cornu, and by extension the clothing. Besides the choreography characterized by a stellar notation, it is the use of physical data such as gravity, atmospheric density or the temperature of the celestial bodies which gives each of the seven works its singularity.

The Aura is to the human body what gravity is to the celestial body. An invisible force, no less attractive, which unfolds in a movement of freedom towards the interstellar horizon. An organic and inner power capable of transcending its receptacle and thus creating harmony between the living and the inert, between clothing and being.