Ellipsis 6

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A white stag, resting.

Ellipsis traces a month-long, intuitive chapter of image-making for photographer Amy Woodward. The result is a meandering body of work spanning multiple subjects: the desolation and loss caused by a historic flood, journal-like notes of chance encounters, the natural world of plants and animals, as well as an extension of Woodward’s long-form practice with mother subjects and their changing families.

A background hum of quiet magic pervades the work as it orbits symbols of fragility, ruin & renewal, fertility, alongside the privacy and shelter of domestic settings. Lifecycles in the natural world layer onto scenes of human experience and emotion, forming a palimpsest connecting the two inseparably.

Ellipsis punctuates the thoughtful spaces between the sequence of images, but also alludes that the photos themselves may be the true spaces between the workings of a world that is moving at an untraceable pace.