Just Me & You

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It’s just me and you tonight, isn’t that beautiful?

This photo was taken back in June 2020, in the heart of the pandemic.
Night clubs, events, amusement parks.. everything was closed off. The city was in complete lockdown.
As I was having a walk, I figured I’d stroll around near the Arch of Peace. It is usually one of the busiest areas since there’s many restaurants and parks around but that evening it was empty. Actually, quite scary I must say - never seen that place like that. As I was just going on the other side of the Arch I saw this couple, all alone.
Their voices were happy and loud. They were having a full-on dinner with pizza and beer. The guy has just finished pouring down the beer to the cup of his loved one and they ended up laughing in a very contagious way. In that moment everything almost felt normal again.

This photo was published on Italy’s most famous newspaper ‘’Corriere della Sera’’ and on Sony Alpha’s website.

“Just Me & You“
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