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Mizuki- by Mrfiretruckman
As my second 1/1 NFT I present to you "Mizuki" (Beautiful Moon) A direct sequel to my previous piece, I once again drew heavy inspiration on cyberpunk aesthetics and Japanese street culture. This piece includes a stronger emphasis on architecture and world building.
I wanted to transport the viewer into the night world of my mind and take them on a visual journey filled with countless detail. A journey depicting growth, which I personally view as an internal battle against myself and time.
The Voyager (a reoccurring character in my art) also returns on a hot air-balloon after being lost for some time as well as many other narrative references seen in my previous work. I hope you enjoy the time and effort I put on this piece and understand that no detail is overlooked.
A 16x20 1/1 archival matte print of this piece will be available to the collector of this piece.