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Being a whale gives you certain advantages. You’re flippin’ big to start with, which in turn means there aren’t too many predators above you in the food chain.
In what area could others stand a chance to compete against such a mighty beast?
Every year the International Krill Eating and Tina Turner impersonating contest takes place in Svalbard. (IKE & Tina Turner as it’s more catchily known).

Only here can one possibly out do the krill gulping efforts of a blue whale. This potentiality is only made possible by the contest being held on land, thus making it extremely difficult for most sea based mammals to participate. Hence Jankle DeMontclop is the reigning champ and has been for the past 17 years.

Please note, Jankle is the organiser and chief krill counter of the competition, and only allows 2 participants a year including himself. He also is on the committee to select the other entrant. He is the only member on that committee.