The Magical Item #19: Mawt: The Spooky Castle

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Before leaving Chajra, Jabal handed over the energy fruits to Dino and Jaru. They took their first bite, and felt an energy boost flowing through their bodies. As soon as they finished the first fruit, the second one started to move and transformed into a pumpkin. The energy contained in it brought the pumpkin to life. It kidnapped Dino and Jaru and jumped into a black hole. They reached the 19th Magical Location: The Spooky Castle. This living fortress is governed by Ghosts who host a major party every year. This castle is known for its Grini liquid that temporarily turns the invitees into zombies. Dino and Jaru decide to drink from the river and enjoy the party. Unlocking this portal will increase your Costume Attribute by 830 MPs.