The Magical Item #18: Chajra: The Giant Salad

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In the Night Arcade, Jaru and Dino strengthened their bond. As a reward, Labe offered them three possible locations to continue their adventure. Given Jaru's love of nature, Dino chose Chajra, the Giant Salad. This mountain was created by the land master Jabal. With the help of his two creation monsters he is able to design landscapes by controlling elements of nature like the mighty trees and the clear rivers. The Giant Salad helps visitors rejuvenate and gives them the required energy to continue their journey. Jabal invites Dino and Jaru to lay on the Turtle Hill and starts manipulating all the existing elements to generate power and energy. This force is condensed in a single fruit which is given to Dino and Jaru before leaving to their next destination. Unlocking this portal will increase your Energy Attribute by 820 MPs.