The Magical Item #14: Sakra: The Spiritual Concert

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Dino and Jaru fully recovered and were able to continue their journey. They headed with the crew to the biggest event in Sakra, the Spiritual Concert. This event features an inter-galactic band named the Teksir Brothers. They are known for their special power: the Exchange of Minds. Through their music, they have the ability to link the minds of all the listeners. Dino, sitting under the Disco amplifier, feels his mind being transported to a new place. He is able to visualize the space, and meets the minds of several other species. They are able to communicate without even speaking the same language. Dino experiences a spiritual connection with several species through music. He was able to learn the secret of Jaru leading to the next Magical Item. Unlocking this Magical Item will increase your Spiritual Power by 780 MPs.