The Mastermind

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They say creativity takes courage. I feel the mastermind, who spent years perfecting his scheme of the heist, never really cared about the money but is actually driven by its art to the minutest details.

The Dalí masks and bright red jumpsuits not only call out ethics of camaraderie & defiance but also hold confrontation, resentment, and cynicism towards the order in the Mastermind's perspective. Dalí's philosophy of rejecting the modern capitalist society thus aligns here.

Maybe one can be rich with money, but to be wealthy, there are many things required, which money cannot buy.

With this thought in mind, 'The Mastermind' is born, a unique art project by Melvin Thambi & prolific illustrator Prasad Bhat.

Medium : Digital Drawing in Procreate
Original Soundscape by Lami