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This digital art installation showcases the artist's presentation of the sculpture of the Greek god - Dionysus, The god of theatre, grapes, and wine.

This represents the amalgamation of artforms from two distinct periods in history, one from the 2nd Century AD and the other being computer-generated visual effects from the year 2022.

This sculpture was originally carved in marble by an unknown Sculptor. It resides in the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Here, the god of wine is depicted upright and naked, at rest, in a languid pose. His head is crowned with ivy and a fillet with an elaborate hairstyle. His left arm rests on a tree trunk around which winds a vine. In his right hand, probably, he was holding a cantharus (drinking cup).

----Specs ----

Dimensions – 1920px x 1920px
Duration – 16 seconds
File type – .mp4
Frame rate – 30fps
Music – Celestial: Scott Buckley (No Copyright Music)