Blow the Whistle

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Two weeks ago, Elon Musk put out an invitation on Twitter to “blow the whistle” on one of his companies. Today, whistleblower organization Lioness is publishing an essay by an engineer who formerly worked at SpaceX.

This NFT is the first in a series of thematic artworks. Each story published by Lioness about a powerful person or entity will be accompanied by an original piece of art that hints at the content of that account.

Lioness is a small media company that seeks to bring power back to the people. We take story tips from the general public about power, fact-check the accounts, and take on legal risk to bring these accounts to the world. This work is done pro bono.

Owning this NFT is a chance to own part of a story that will make waves and shift culture. The successful bidder will hold ownership of an asset that is part of the movement we have only just begun.

All funds from this auction will help fund our pro bono work bringing stories to light.