"Freedom on Hold" by Vogue Portugal, April 2020

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Forever a testimony of the times, the "Freedom on Hold" may have been published on April 2020, but it will remain a timeless landmark for an era when social rules took a massive turn. As viral as the pandemic - this issue was sold out the three times it was printed and reprinted -, everyone wanted to get a hold of an image that not only spoke of the times, but also spoke to each and every one's reality. Under the vision on Editor in Chief Sofia Lucas and Cover Art Director José Santana, Bibiána Bardy and Adam Bardy are photographed by Branislav Simoncik, wearing the biggest trend of the season: the face mask. Vogue Portugal was the first of its kind to do a cover image that reflected the current affairs so deeply and it was massively covered in all sorts of renowned international media and shared worldwide on social media. Another iconic cover for LightHouse Publishing, founded in 2015 and publishing Vogue since 2017, and forever changing the name Vogue Portugal within the world.