Accumulations and encounters leap into the future

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Her name is Panai Chan.
I designed her as a profile picture in 2018 and moved forward together.

At that time she did not have a name yet.

I jumped into the NFT world in late 2021 and 2022 was a year that focused on interacting with people I had relationships with at NFT.

I came into contact with several communities and exchanges and chatted a great deal.

Not only did I come into contact with new knowledge, views, and businesses, but new ideas were born from them.

The name Panai Chan was born from a single word in the community Teru la Panai means Not TeruLapi.

I named her name after this event and my ideal of wanting to do something amazing in my name and actions.

One person cannot do something great immediately.
I realized that contact with and support from many people and the brilliance of the works I have created will give me the power to make great strides.

With a face as bright as Panai Chan we move forward into a vibrant future.