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Amends is a series by Kyle McDonald designed to mitigate emissions from Ethereum NFT marketplaces. Amends will go on sale when Ethereum transitions away from proof-of-work. The work is priced to fund complete carbon mitigation, supplied by three partners—each with different approaches to carbon dioxide removal and reduction.

The digital work is accompanied by a physical sculpture: a handmade glass block, around 15cm on a side, filled with material artifacts from each mitigation approach. The NFT must be burned to receive the physical sculpture.

This edition is filled with shredded refrigerant canisters from Tradewater. Tradewater is identifying, collecting, and destroying the greenhouse gases found inside rusting refrigerant canisters before they have the chance to leak into the atmosphere and warm the planet.

Pre-sale price estimates and additional information, including all financial agreements, are available at amends.eco