Amaurosis : Destitute of Vision

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This is a digital virtual installation piece as an invitation to my upcoming physical solo show, happening at 825 gallery in Los Angeles on September 18th.

The concept of red color is from Asian belief of red thread destiny, “An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet. It may tangle, but will never break." Amaurosis installation is an extension of my previous red thread work series, which is building an invisible human network by sawing red thread in a multi-layered structure.

This new piece, Amaurosis is focused on specifically depicting our current transitional period of global pandemic situation, dark times like our vision of the future are unseen as if we have blinded eyes.
I built multiple transparent layers from a clear vinyl sheet. It represents invisible stages of quarantine periods. The circles in each layer are brail numbers. I painted the hint of red gradation on the edge, that says the transition is coming and unavoidable.