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Artist: Josip Mijić
Artwork title: #A222023
Edition: 1/1
Type: 3D Object (glb)

An escape from chaotic world is something art can offer, if just for a moment. New media, such as virtual reality, can transport us into an entirely different world (ironically, still created by man). The moment we put on our VR headset, we are transported into a bare, infinite, white space filled with – spider webs. To step into them or not?
One does not have to be an arachnophobe to hesitate. While these spider webs are a trap in the physical world, in the virtual one, they become ghosts; astral bodies through which we can pass. The fear of the physical, the material, then vanishes. One realizes that they do not have to stand in their cube, hunched over and trapped, but that they can stretch and explore the white expanse before them and weave their own web. (Dora Derado Giljanović)