ATOMICON#3 - Simone

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"Man must not attempt to dispel the ambiguity of his being but, on the contrary, accept the task of realizing it."
S d B

Simone is a tribute to an amazing writer, existentialist philosopher, political activist, and feminist.

She is made of electronic quantum probabilities determined by the presence of 12 atoms on a clean metallic surface.

Despite she has just been created, she is already a star. Her shadow can be found in our remixme exploration of the Hackatao's project.

In the end each of us is made of elementary particles. The emotions that we perceive result from their interactions. ATOMICONS have been brought to life to let us sense this deep truth.

Simone, as all the ATOMICONS, is the result of our interaction as artists with the fundamental laws of nature. We can just decide where to fix atoms, then quantum physics makes it.

The composer programmed a quantum computer to make thousands of tunes in superposition. Upon observation, he retrieved a few to compose this piece.