ATOMICON#2 - Arthur

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Elementary particles don't convey just positive emotions!

It's not clear to us if Arthur is really sad for something happened, or if it is just a pessimist. We suspect that Arthur is just a great actor and it's making fun of us. One of us thinks that at the end he is a kinder guy than Democritus. However, we know that he is a bit scared by the emoji smiles.

Arthur is made of, accurately calculated, electronic quantum probabilities determined by the presence of 17 atoms on a clean metallic surface.

In the end each of us is made of elementary particles. The emotions that we perceive result from their interactions. ATOMICONS are the first example of Schrödinger art and have been brought to life to let us sense this deep truth.

Arthur, as all the ATOMICONS, is the result of our interaction as artists with the fundamental laws of nature. We can just decide where to fix atoms, lighting, and textures, then quantum physics makes it.