ATOMICON#1 - Quantum Love

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Love vibes propagate as waves from this quantum corral.

In the end each of us is made of elementary particles. The emotions that we perceive result from their interactions. ATOMICONS are the first example of Schrödinger art and have been brought to life to let us sense this deep truth.

Quantum corrals are 2D structures, built atom by atom (52 for this creation) on an atomically clean metallic surface using a scanning tunneling microscope (STM). We created them by numerically solving the Schrödinger equation for surface electrons in the presence of scattering atoms positioned by us. Heartbeats are obtained by periodically modulating the tip-sample voltage.

Ed Miranda, the composer, programmed a quantum computer to make thousands of tunes in superposition. Upon observation, the composer retrieved a few to compose this piece. Many more versions exist in the multiverse.

An additional minted 3D/AR version of this artwork will be transferred to the winner.