KIPU-quantum Creature #0

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I got lost when crossing the quantum woods at the dawn of life

A quantum creature roared my fears through its creepy eyes

A beast, a photon, a panda, a ghost, or my mirrored breast?

I breath in the blizzards that spread and terrorize my teeth.

This creature lives at the intersection of a Hilbert space and the space spanned by our inner quantum demons, where negativity assures quantumness.

Generative artwork, found by randomly exploring the quantum space, the very big place where quantum states live, interact, feel, and evolve.

This creature is a quantum superposition state of photonic states, visualized by using the Wigner function, a widely used tool in quantum optics.

Quantum-sourced music composed using a photonic quantum computer.

The new owner will receive a 15% split of the proceeds from the sale of future creations using the present quantum state