Jack of Spades ♠ The Fallen Prince

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Jack of Spades 'The Fallen Prince' by Harshini J. Karunaratne

"I really wanted to imagine a Jack as a prince who could one day be a king. The prince I began developing was glorified, narcissistic and even a little mischievous; an abstracted version of Loki. The more I developed this character the clearer it was that instead of a glorified prince, I was creating a prince that had fallen into his own insecurities, self doubt and self sabotage. The spade became a code of arms that also served as a pendulum, with time ticking away as the Prince falls deeper into a trap of their own doing."

Physical Collector's Edition Deck #14 included with the purchase.

A deck of cards where each card is individually designed by one of 55 selected international artists.

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