Black Joker ♦ ♠ ♥ ♣ From a thousand faces

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Black Joker 'From a thousand faces' by kockcoz

"When you meet a stranger you get the same feeling as when you are working on a new painting. You start with an empty color palette. You add new colors to it, and the work comes to life. It's the same with this stranger, as you get to know him, the relationship is shaped by the emotions you experience by interacting together. Emotions are the colors with which you “paint” the relationship, until it becomes a work of art. The palette will never be completely colored because there will always be something you don't know about the other one. Relationships with people close to you will always have a rich palette of colors. They will be works of art to which you have contributed."

Physical Collector's Edition Deck #02 included with the main purchase.

A deck of cards where each card is individually designed by one of 55 selected international artists.

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