4 of Clubs ♣ Reimagining our Stars

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4 of Clubs 'Reimagining our Stars' by Karishma Bagla

"Population of jelly fishes has been growing exponentially even in low-oxygen conditions. We can learn from them to adapt & strive to nullify the effects of human activities on nature. 4 the no’ of stability is also the no’ of order in the Universe–the 4 elements, 4 seasons & so on. Hence, this piece is dedicated to our mother nature. The nature is our star, & we are the stars for our nature. Let us reimagine our relation’s dynamics, with harmony and sustainability. Let the flow of life be free!

10% towards Ocean Defenders Alliance. 1st collector receives the option to either mint 1 new artwork @ 50-50% wallet split with me or choose to receive an abstract original painting."

Physical Collector's Edition Deck #47 included with the purchase.

A deck of cards where each card is individually designed by one of 55 selected international artists.

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