1 - Rebirth, with Rony Hernandes

Minted on Dec 9, 2021
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3575 x 5362 jpeg. CC0.

100 Nude Shoots is the epitome materialization of my artistic research on portraying the human figure.

Rebirth, a collaboration with photographer Rony Hernandes, is the first minted interpretation of my nude self in 100 Nude Shoots. It recalls a candid version of me that feels young and yet untouched by the world, just waking up to it. My body is completely bare and I'm feeling the cold wind as I wait for the sun to rise from behind the skyscrapers. A life journey passing through 100 possibilities for the self is about to begin and what I know about the pathway ahead is it'll be groundbreaking and controversial.

The original buyer of the NFT receives a 1/1 fine art quality signed print of this photograph, shipped worldwide. Not to be printed ever again.

Also, whenever this NFT is sold at a higher price than bought, the seller gets to co-create the Nude narrative with me, by choosing another, unreleased photograph from this same shoot, I'll mint and gift them.