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The first of the six paintings, made in 1990.
The author portrays people as different mystical creatures. The queen stands in the middle, as the symbol of unity. All of the subjects surround her and some are seen in conflict with one another, which illustrates the first signs of turmoil in the Soviet Union. In the background, there’s a black hole that slowly drags all of the characters inside, hinting at the inevitable and tragic finale.

After purchasing the digital version of this painting, the buyer gains rights to its physical version too. The buyer can submit a form at horizonstudio.io to get the physical copy for free. If the buyer did not request a physical copy, it will be burnt live to prevent plagiarism and piracy.

Physical version:
Year: 1990
Dimensions: 29,5 x 21,5
Material: Fiberboard

Digital Version:
Dimensions: 6846 × 9347
Type: JPG
Colour space: RGB



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