Sneaking Out Under The Night Sky

Minted on Jul 8, 2022
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This work is part of a collection of drawings made in Barcelona during the first of the pandemic years. It was made by a process where I pre-occupy my mind with another activity, allowing my subconscious to guide the formation of the work. The faces initially emerge without conscious thought as drawings on paper and once they take shape, I digitize and transform them into complete artworks. By bringing together my subconscious and conscious influences, this series collectively forms a relic–a fragmented memory–of a moment in time inspired by the years I lived in Spain as well as experiencing life under lockdown.

Each drawing has two editions-one physical and one NFT. By collecting the NFT, you get first access to the signed printed edition. For more information - https://harshabiswajit.com/faces-from-the-subconscious-metaverse

7146 x 8692 px | 300 dpi
Pencil, Ink, Ps, Ai
2020, Barcelona
Ed. of 2