Let It Shine

Minted on May 10, 2022
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Let It Shine is a music NFT wrapped inside of a unique experience. It’s a collaboration between Gavin Hardkiss, Lee Reynolds, Karl Goldfield and Sharon Buck. The song was recorded in the Mission District in San Francisco in the harsh Winter of 2021 inspired by how the city was once again evolving and the crew were excited for brighter days.

Purchase the NFT and not only do you get the NFT, you get what could possibly be the funnest three days of your life! An all out weekend with this group in a private luxury setting for a 3 day weekend of DJing, dancing and debauchery. Bring your friends, we will bring ours and we will have one hell of a party!!!

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Gavin Hardkiss
Lee Reynolds
Karl Goldfield
Sharon Buck

Let It Shine
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