Bisi X Gavin Hardkiss - LovaBoat

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To all the Lovas out there ...

We came at creating music NFTs as an invitation to co-create and participate globally. Each song is a world into itself.

Lovaboat is the first of four NFTs with the heartbeat and melody of our motherland .... Africa.

Written and produced by Bisi Obateru from Lagos Nigeria and Gavin Hardkiss from Johannesburg South Africa.

Mixed by Luke Argilla.

Why stop at just listening. Join us!

Purchase gets you ....

  • VIP/ Stage Access - Are you a dancer, singer, vibe elevator ? LovaBoat gives you stage access to any of our concerts.

  • A Bisi member shirt.

  • Join our musical community! Are you making beats in your spare time? Are you looking to release a track soon? Being a part of our community gives you the opportunity to connect with global awareness and our releases/works/musical visions.