Cyan & Gold Composition #2

Created by
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Colin Goldberg

Cyan & Gold Composition #2 (NFT), 2022

1/1 NFT. Digital still image.

This work is the first NFT minted into the artist’s “Robot Drawings” collection. It is the unique blockchain counterpart of an equally-singular work on paper. This piece combines a hand-painted India ink wash ground with digitally-composed geometric and wireframe vector forms, drawn directly onto the painted surface in gold and white ink with an Axidraw SE plotter.

This work is an example of Techspressionism, a term Goldberg invented in 2011 to describe his working methodology and artistic philosophy. Techspressionism was first described as a movement in the 2014 WIRED article “If Picasso had a Macbook Pro”.

Over the course of the pandemic, Techspressionism has grown into a global community of artists working with technology from 40 countries.  As of the time of this minting, there are over 31K posts on Instagram using the hashtag #techspressionism.