Kneeling Icon

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Colin Goldberg, Kneeling Icon, 2004-2022.
1/1 NFT. 23-second MPEG-4 video, 1620 × 2160 px.

METAGRAPH ANIMATION #7 // This piece is based on the eponymous vector-based digital drawing from the artist's Metagraph series. "Kneeling Icon" was drawn in Illustrator in 2004 and reborn as a Techspressionist audiovisual NFT 18 years later. It is inspired by a diverse range of sources including Constructivist painting and Japanese woodcuts. Before the original drawing was titled, several viewers independently remarked that it reminded them of the Virgin Mary; hence the work's title. Kneeling Icon will be exhibited as a large-format digital monoprint in the exhibition "Techspressionism: Digital and Beyond" opening at Southampton Arts Center in April 2022. When viewed with the Artivive AR app, the piece will animate on the gallery wall. The soundscape collages a recording captured near the artist's home in Vermont's Green Mountain National Forest with samples of Buddhist monks and temple bells.