Towering through the Mist

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As landscape photographers, we often become fixated on our intended destination and imagined composition, hoping and praying to the photography Gods for good light, ethereal atmosphere and just "epic conditions". So when all of the above occur in-transit, off the side of the highway, it becomes even more special!

Scrambling to pull over without rolling my car and then getting my gear into position before the fleeting moment passed by, I was awe-struck at how something as simple as nature's cotton candy can transform an otherwise simple grove of Aspen, into something this magical to admire for all time.

This collectible is meant to be displayed as a centrepiece in a place of honour of ones' home, and as a digital collectible NFT.

More information can be found here: https://www.ewphotography.ca/nft-individual_towering-through-the-mist

ORIGINAL COLLECTOR BONUS: Information in the link above