Celestial Being S02

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Subject 02 comes from a species called the Loren who have evolved on a hot volcanic planet in a large multi-planet solar system consisting of themselves and many other advanced civilisations with a sophisticated inter-planetary transport and logistics network. The system was once racked by conflicts but now has a trade and peace treaty between the neighbours reluctantly agreed by the Loren because they aren't strong enough to win. The Loren are hostile but also clever, through the many wars realised it is better to trade and cooperate with other species than to fight, particularly if they're stronger than you. The Loren home planet is rocky, volcanic and ore-rich. They survive by mining and harvesting molten metals from beneath the surface and trade with their neighbours who have an insatiable appetite for the ore and a blind eye to the cost of mining it. The Loren have enslaved another intelligent species from their planet and work them to death in the mine extracting the ore.