The Wrestlers (mint no 2/5)

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This sculpture reimagines the Uffizi wrestlers, a marble sculpture of two men wrestling from the first century AD that epitomizes the idealized male body.

This NFT is part of a millennia-long Eurocentric tradition of copying and modifying. The Ufizzi version is itself a marble copy of the now-lost Greek original. Other replicas exist in numerous copies across the globe. Through the CC license, Ejlerskov’s piece seeks to further layer the history of copying and reinterpreting classical sculptures. By placing the virtual sculpture in the shared digital public space, the artist complicates concepts such as authorship and ownership, original and copy.

The collectors of this NFT acquire the 3D sculpture (1 of 5 copies + 1 AP) represented here as a GIF and are granted access to the 3D-print files. The artist has hereby waived her artistic copyright over the files in question to the CCBY-NC4-license. File package will be available to initial owners upon request via [email protected]