The Walk

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Walkthrough of exterior scene inspired by the sentiment of Renaissance painter Fra Angelico and drawings by same-era-architect Hans Vredeman de Vries.

The scene was created for the epitomes Oxytocin and Adrenaline. Oxytocin (the love hormone) is released during hugs, sex, and especially in relation to childbirth.

The opposing hormone is adrenaline - the intense fight or flight hormone, released with the intention to rescue us in a stressful situation.

The sculpture wants to tell you that opposing hormones cannot be present in the human bloodstream at the same time. It is one or the other. An unbroken battle.

The sculpture is a remake of The Uffizi Wrestlers in Florence depicting two wrestling men.

Concept and film design developed, edited and mastered by Ditte Ejlerskov, DK with help from Henrik Yang, SE. Soundscape idea and design by Ditte Ejlerskov, DK. Mixed, mastered and composed by Bibek Giri, NP.

Link to downloadable 200 MB 1080p MP4 file upon request.