Nakazawa Koto

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Nakazawa Koto was an excellent Japanese female swordsman with the title Onna-bugeisha. She had an incredible talent for martial arts since childhood.

Nakazawa Koto deftly defended her shogunate, fighting bravely against the attacks of her other clans. In one of these battles, a dozen enemies were surrounded by samurai. She defended herself with her katana and deftly broke the samurai siege that surrounded her.

Besides being a magnificent swordsman, she also possessed an extraordinary beauty that touched people deeply.

In a story written about her it is said: "When Koto dresses as a man, many women fall in love with her. When Koto dresses as a woman, many men fall in love with her."

Nakazawa Koto was proud of herself as a swordsman female samurai. That's why she decided to marry a man stronger than herself. However, she remained celibate all her life, as no man alive could beat her in a duel.

The female samurai swordsman Koto Nakazawa lived a long life and died at the age of 88.