Hangaku Gozen

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Hangaku Gozen was one of the Onna-bugeisha, known for her bravery on par with Tomoe Gozen. As a female samurai, her fighting skills and techniques were superior to her father and older brother. For this reason, she was seen as a mysterious person by everyone.

In addition to being an expert warrior who fought bravely, she also determined war strategies. Hangaku Gozen was one of the few Japanese warrior women to be widely known in history and literature. She was a female samurai who led 3,000 soldiers in wartime.

Hangaku Gozen is said to be both fearless and beautiful. Like other Onna-bugeishas, she was very good at fighting with the she naginata (traditional Japanese sword).

A sentence from the history books about Hangaku Gozen; "Hangaku let out her hair and wore a breastplate ('Haramaki' in Japanese, which was a part of armor)."

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