Winterwalk (2021)

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One of the great advantages of being a 3D artist is that you can do just about anything to a scene once it has been built. My fans have long come to expect night versions to accompany my brighter landscapes (because darker images work well as wallpaper). I have even created series depicting one landscape at different times of the same day/night.

Changing the seasons is an order of magnitude more complicated however so I have only done a few "Four Seasons" series. It's a lot more complicated than just changing the sun angle.

My first seasonal series was in 2005 (the "Wood" series) and I think I've come quite a long way since. In "Goldenwalk" I used a proprietary 3D "tree" object that I designed to disperse falling autumn leaves throughout the scene. I use the same technique here to create flying snowflakes (and also in "Nightwalk" for the fireflies). You don't see the trunk of this special tree, only the "foliage".

Created and rendered using VUE/Plant Factory Enterprise.