YuYu Crossing the Alps

Minted on Aug 11, 2021
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‘YuYu Crossing the Alps’ is based on the original work ‘Napoleon Crossing the Alps’ (Belvedere Edition) by Jacques-Louis David (1801-1805).

In Yu’s interpretation of one of the five oil-on-canvas equestrian portraits of the infamous king, Napoleon Bonaparte is being replaced by a provocative self-portrait of the artist. This particular artwork belongs to Yu’s 1st collection titled ‘Kinky Classics’ where the focus of the artist is being mainly directed into pinpointing issues of inclusivity & representation. By replacing prominent figures of the European Elites, Yu aims to emphasize overcoming adversities and mental barriers.  

Inside Yu's fantasy worlds, issues such as feminine masculinity, non-pornographic nudity, and Asian representation are always at the front. In ‘YuYu Crossing the Alps’, the artist's pose signifies pride & acceptance, while the victory sign formed with his right arm amplifies the message of success through a journey of self-discovery.

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