WAGMI & Witches

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Someone said it's going to be hard, but we follow our dreams anyway.

Sometimes we cry, but we get back up and come back stronger.

Someday we know, we are all gonna make it... in our own ways.

"The moment we believe in ourselves is magic" 

Size 2398 x 3508 px
600 DPI

This is NFT with utilities such as art/ marketing online course access. More details at...


P.S. This piece is super “SPECIAL.” Since my YouTube community and I love to support small artists, we therefore commissioned FROST (@1__0RST3R on twitter) to partially color this piece. We therefore have such amazing coloring mood and a stunning background.

We hope that once this piece is sold, it can be one of the examples of why people should hire artists.

Ultimately, I wish 'WAGMI' will become a reality to everyone :)