8/8 Lions Gate Portal / 22

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Another year, another opening of the 8/8 Lions Gate Portal, one of the most powerful, rare spiritual events of the year where the Sun in Leo makes a special alignment with the star Sirius i.e. the spiritual sun, generating an enormous amount of high frequency energy activating this portal, where new levels of consciousness, abundance & power are infused into the planet.

The angel number 8 in numerology represents infinity, the energy of empowerment & enlightenment; encouraging us to manifest what we truly want in this world. Harnessing Leo’s heart-centered traits of courage, expression & strength, we as a collective can write another chapter of our own story in the next phase of humanities journey. Let your heart lead the way, & step into your power, it is time to live the life we came here to experience.

Join me on this 2022 year of cosmic initiation of alignment, embrace this high vibrational energy and level up.