2/22/22 Portal

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On 8/8/2021, 888 Lions Gate Portal - Night Version was released to the world, depicting the Sun in Leo making a special alignment with the star Sirius, activating the Lions Gate Portal.

888 Lions Gate Portal - Night Version brought new levels of consciousness, abundance & power to all of us, & it was time to create the next chapter of this story, harnessing the power of Full Moon in Leo that occurred on 02/16/2022, & releasing today, the opening of the 2/22/22 portal.

Leo rules the heart, & the number 2 is the energy of connection & partnership; a reminder to foster relationships where we can be ourselves, own our power, let our inner lioness roar & share/give love to those who bring us pure joy but most importantly, to ourselves.

Even when the world can be cold, we must continue to fully embrace the colourful spectrum of our authenticity, fuel our inner fires, keep our passions burning, not doubt our ability to follow our heart & align to our true life path.

Ready when you are.